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Miks BabyCooli püreekuubikuid tuleks tarbida koheselt peale soojendamist

Why should BabyCool puree cubes be consumed immediately after heating?

The reasons are very simple. Specifically, repeatedly reheated or left-standing warm food loses vitamins and nutrients. For this reason, jarred food is also referred to as “dead food,” as it is typically heated at least 2-3 times before reaching the store shelves. A baby doesn’t get as many beneficial nutrients from such food as from freshly warmed puree. The second reason is food safety. If bacteria have contaminated the food (for example, from utensils or[…]

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7 sammu tervisliku beebitoiduni

7 reasons to offer BabyCool purees to your baby

Why are BabyCool products so good? You can find 7 reasons here: The product has been developed in cooperation with researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, and has been recognized by the Estonian Allergy Association. Raw materials are sourced from organic Each raw material is in a separate package – this gives you the opportunity to mix a puree with components that you find suitable. The product has been minimally heat treated.[…]

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Kuidas kasutada BabyCool toitu?

How to use BabyCool food?

So how do I use this BabyCool puree cube? We have received inquiring questions about the use of these cubes. So how to use this puree cube anyway? We’ll write down a bit about how the cube is made and how easy it is to use. The raw material (be it vegetables, fruit or meat) is first cleaned, then steamed (as much as needed and as little as possible), pureed, and frozen. At home, all[…]

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Milliseid vilju külmutada?

Which fruits and vegetables to freeze?

Which fruits to freeze and how to treat them before pureeing and freezing. Making baby puree is not very difficult if you know what vegetables and fruits to use and how to prepare them. The finished puree should be cooled and frozen as soon as possible to preserve the vitamins better. Pumpkins should be steamed or baked in the oven. Of eggplants, prefer young and small ones and do not peel them, steam or cook[…]

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Miks anda beebile sügavkülmutatud toitu?

Why should you give frozen food to a baby?

Freezing is the best way to preserve food – it is also the best way to preserve baby puree. By keeping vegetables and fruits in a cellar, they lose significantly more nutritional value than by keeping them in a freezer. Frozen food stays good for up to two years and allows you to consume local garden products all year round. If the baby puree is frozen in cubes, you can choose exactly as big of[…]

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The lables on BabyCool packaging are important because they show you that our raw materials come from Estonia and are organic and eco-friendly. In addition, recognitions and prizes that have been won are also listed on the packaging.
To find out more about them, click on the link below and a PDF will open, explaining all the lables on the package.
BabyCool lables. CLICK HERE

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kvaliteetne BabyCool toode

How to recognize a high-quality BabyCool product in the store?

CORRECT AND HIGH-QUALITY APPEARANCE OF THE PRODUCT INFERIOR QUALITY PRODUCT; HAS BEEN MELTED. DO NOT CONSUME! How to recognize a high-quality BabyCool product in the store? Feel the package (high-quality product) – if you feel all the cubes separately, everything is good! The product has not melted during transit! If the cubes are lightly stuck together, but come apart when pushed on, it’s also good! Some products have a higher natural sugar content and stick[…]

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BabyCool lisatoitu

When is the right time to give additional food to a baby?

When is the right time to give additional food to a baby? If a baby is breast fed, you can start giving them additional food from the seventh month onwards. For the first six months, the best food for a baby is breast milk. It’s also the most convenient and the cheapest food and your child will get everything they need, including enough water. Only vitamin D could be necessary to add during this time.[…]

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9 common mistakes made when starting a baby on additional food

9 common mistakes made when starting a baby on additional food are compiled by Kaia Sink – creator of BabyCool and mother of 3 children. These 9 most common mistakes are worth avoiding in order to establish healthy eating habits and routine for the child at an early stage that will support the child’s development. Starting with sweet fruit purees. A child quickly gets used to the sweet taste of the food and after that[…]

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Baby poop and constipation

When a baby is born, their first poop meconium is black or dark green, stretchy and sticky. After a few days, the baby will start making a normal baby poop. Breast-fed baby poop is yellowish in colour and runny, it may contain tiny bits or lumps and has a slightly sour smell. Your baby may poop after each meal or only once a week, this is all perfectly normal because breast milk is absorbed in[…]

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