Milliseid vilju külmutada?

Which fruits and vegetables to freeze?

Which fruits to freeze and how to treat them before pureeing and freezing. Making baby puree is not very difficult if you know what vegetables and fruits to use and how to prepare them. The finished puree should be cooled and frozen as soon as possible to preserve the vitamins better.

  • Pumpkins should be steamed or baked in the oven.
  • Of eggplants, prefer young and small ones and do not peel them, steam or cook in the oven in a baking bag.
  • Carrots should also be steamed with the peels, if it’s still very fresh and can be washed well.
  • Cauliflower should be steamed.
  • Parsnip is best when steamed, it’s very fragrant and tastes good. Do not let it overgrow, otherwise it may be too fibrous.
  • Green peas should be steamed and pureed.
  • Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin (particularly suitable for controlling blood sugar). This vegetable is best to freeze steamed.
  • Potatoes should be pureed with a special potato puree tip or just pounded into mashed potatoes with a stick, otherwise the puree becomes a glue-like. Very good are the potatoes that are purple inside, because they contain more antioxidants than usual.
  • Yellow and white beets have a milder taste than red ones. Beets are best steamed. It can be eaten from the age of 8 months, but shouldn’t be eaten daily.
  • Apples and pears should be cleaned, then steamed or baked in an over in a baking bag or in an oven dish with a lid.
  • Plums should be de-pitted before heating. Remove the skin before or after heating by pressing it through a sieve.
  • Don’t forget to put lots of local fresh berries in the freezer!

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