Miks anda beebile sügavkülmutatud toitu?

Why should you give frozen food to a baby?

Freezing is the best way to preserve food – it is also the best way to preserve baby puree. By keeping vegetables and fruits in a cellar, they lose significantly more nutritional value than by keeping them in a freezer. Frozen food stays good for up to two years and allows you to consume local garden products all year round.

If the baby puree is frozen in cubes, you can choose exactly as big of a portion as the child eats at once. Additionally, various frozen purees can be mixed together or added to other meals so that the child can meet their daily meat or vegetable requirements.

For example, pumpkin and lamb puree can be added to rice or buckwheat – this way you can get textured food for when the child has teeth. You can also add, for example, a carrot cube to a pasta or homemade sauce. A pear or apple puree cube is a great addition to breakfast porridge – it cools the porridge and acts as jam.

  • Choose the freshest possible organic ingredients, vegetables lose vitamins when stale.
  • Heat the plant products to a minimum, so more vitamins and minerals are preserved.
  • Favour steaming to cooking.
  • In the case of meat, be sure to choose organically grown meat from young animals for the baby, clean the meat from the skin and film, and cut it before processing.
  • Cool the puree as quickly as possible.
  • Freeze quickly, if possible rapid freeze.
  • Use an ice cube form to freeze the puree, silicone works especially well, this makes it convenient to retrieve the cubes later.
  • Package the product in an airtight container or bag, write a description and the date.
  • It is best to defrost slowly in a normal refrigerator.
  • Use immediately, do not refreeze!

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