7 sammu tervisliku beebitoiduni

7 reasons to offer BabyCool purees to your baby

Why are BabyCool products so good? You can find 7 reasons here:

  1. The product has been developed in cooperation with researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, and has been recognized by the Estonian Allergy Association.
  2. Raw materials are sourced from organic
  3. Each raw material is in a separate package – this gives you the opportunity to mix a puree with components that you find suitable.
  4. The product has been minimally heat treated.
  5. Each pack (200g) has about 12 cubes (that can be consumed one by one) with a shelf life of 18-24 months.
  6. The products are frozen – this allows for better preservation of nutrients and vitamins. See also: BABY NUTRITION
  7. No salt, sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives, food thickeners, concentrated juices, or other additives are used in production