About us

From mother
to mother

We all want the best for our babies. But what to do when you cannot find the best possible food from the stores? That’s right – make your own!

We are both mothers of three who share a passion for pure and healthy food. Without any good alternatives in the stores, we started to make our own very best baby food – frozen purees from fresh quality vegetables. We both wanted to share this with other mothers and babies as well.

But as we all know – it’s difficult to conquer mountains alone. Luckily, fate brought us together to join the forces. That’s how BabyCool was born.

organic, sustainable, innovative

Our goal is to produce the best baby food in the world!

BabyCool products are clean, healthy, and made from only the best primary goods. We have collected together the best knowledge of the scientists, and know-how of our ancestors, and combined this with today’s modern technology.

From farm
to fork

It’s highly important to us where the raw material of our products come from. That’s why we source the base of our purees only from small organic farmers. Their tiny farms are environmentally friendly and have much higher biodiversity than usual big monocultural fields. Best for the baby – best for nature.

Making a difference

It takes a whole village to raise a child, as they say. Our mission is to create a large cooperation network that shares the same values as we do, ​​and whose goal is to produce sustainably the best food. All parties will benefit from it – babies, parents, farmers, factories, local society, nature, environment, etc.

Large corporations, profit orientation, and constant growth are not sustainable anymore. Let’s make a difference!